Built on the blockchain to facilitate businesses and run new digital economies.

Our digital asset Lambatoken is a driver of new digital economies, creating ecosystems consisting of interconnected sets of platforms which explore new combinations of people, processes and technology.

Our blockchain solutions empowers digital inclusion while adding a global secondary value to any local primary market. Our ecosystem provides an open, participative infrastructure and sets governance conditions for them.

What is lambatoken?

65 Years Plan To Solve Housing Deficit Using Blockchain Technology

With our Defi Smart Protocol and Lambatoken reserve, we plan to build and fund affordable housing units over the next 50 years.


Our partnership with Geo Dynamics Engineering Ltd, an industry leader in design, construction and maintenance of facilities in multiple sectors of the economy is strategic in actualizing our vision of providing at least 100,000 affordable housing units in the next 65years made possible by the blockchain technology.

Established in 2004, GeoDynamics managed by highly experienced personnel with vast international exposure has established a reputation of low cost but highly efficient delivery of services while maintaining industry standards.



Our Tokenized Digital Learning Community Platform

Learning is interesting, but learning while building wealth for free becomes more interesting. As you enroll into our digital school we give you free Lambatoken. For every free digital asset assigned to a newly enrolled student, 2x is bought and burnt out of the market, this creates value for holders while providing liquidity for the digital asset and decreases the total supply, helping to combat inflation. To know more click here

What is lambatoken?
What is lambatoken?
eSports Content House & Arena

The eSports content house strives to become a leading eSports platform that provides cutting-edge solutions and services in the eSports industry, from creating awareness, tournament, content and Tv shows, merchandising and lifestyle. To be fully launched in 2024.

Our Tokenized Real Estate Marketplace

Today’s inflation rate has affected real estate appreciation greatly. With our solution, we give those buying properties from our marketplace double value (the physical property and the traded incentivized token attached to it) with just one purchase, they get free Lambatoken into their wallets which gives them access to the secondary global market. For every Lambatoken given to a property buyer and our realtors, 2 of it is burnt out of the market, this creates value for holders while providing liquidity for the digital asset and decreases the total supply, helping to combat inflation. To more click here

What is lambatoken?
Real Estate


Real Estate as an economic driver.


The importance of homeownership to long term financial health cannot be understated. The Most Innovative and Rewarding Estate Project #MIREP was initiated out of the need to create new industries using real estate and to give all income earners the opportunity to own luxurious but affordable homes.

With high-interest rates, low salaries, and huge down payment especially in developing societies comes with its own challenges. Our Defi solution powered by lambatoken will allow long-term mortgage policies and flexible payments.

Our App


The Lambatoken marketplace introduces two unique Apps, one for vendors and the other for general users.

Just as cash was converted into digital formats to make transactions more convenient, we have converted businesses, services and products into NFT collectibles that can be redeemed physically, sold on the marketplace, and can be easily transferred in a transparent way using the blockchain. The users App comes with a gamified publicity section for vendors to run promotions through content creation.

Powered By House of Lambabros

Cool features
  • Lambatoken Wallet, Lambatoken Marketplace, and Vendors collectible minting
  • Earn more Lambatoken as you participate in our passive income activities
  • Seamless transaction for content creators and others globally
  • Reality show streaming, Live Tournaments, and HOL Staking

Download the App here or visit hol.lambatoken.com



Our ecosystems are fueled by lambatokens We have achieved many milestones since our inception and we have created a solid foundation to build upon. Our ecosystems are continuously evolving and so are we. Take a look at our roadmap to find out more.

I - II Quarter of 2021
eSports tournament starts with lambatoken HOL Staking where fans share from prize pool without gaming, gaming arena house set-up.
III - IV Quarter of 2021
eSports arena house set-up for test content creation in preparation for the TV Show. Token and smart contract deployment, websites safety and tokens flow test, HOL App and lambatoken wallet development starts.
II Quarter 2022
The HOL App/Lambatoken wallet launch on playstore.
III - IV Quarter 2022
Development of the community learning Platform, working with result oriented coaches and mentors to create high income courses for the lambatoken community
I - II Quarter 2023
Course creation and third party partnerships.
II – III Quarter 2023
Course creation and third party partnerships, tokenized real estate marketplace development.
III – IV Quarter 2023
Community learning Platform tokenization with lambatoken, Lambatoken listing on the secondary market, trading starts.
Lambatoken App marketplace with the vendors’ App launch, Start-up several projects in phases and in more countries, expanding on the existing products, Tv show where lambatoken will be used to cast votes, listing lambatoken on the largest digital asset markets.


Our digital asset Lambatoken is creating solutions, tokenizing marketplaces to create extra value & empowering new digital economies on the blockchain.

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Driving new economies while cushioning the effect of inflation.

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