A digital asset built on the blockchain to facilitate and run new digital economies.

Our digital asset LambaToken is a driver of new digital economies, creating ecosystems consisting of interconnected sets of platforms which explore new combinations of people,processes and technology.

Our blockchain solutions creates new markets, empowering digital transformation for thousands of industries and achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development. Our ecosystem provides an open, participative infrastructure for these interactions and sets governance conditions for them.

What is lambatoken?

50 Years Plan To Solve Housing Deficit Using Blockchain Technology

With our Defi Smart Protocol and Lambatoken reserve, we plan to build and fund affordable housing units over the next 50 years.

GeoDynamics Engineering

Our partnership with Geo Dynamics Engineering Ltd, an industry leader in design, construction and maintenance of facilities in multiple sectors of the economy.

Established in 2004, GeoDynamics managed by highly experienced personnel with vast international exposure has established a reputation of low cost but highly efficent delivery of services while maintaining industry standards.


House of Lambabros (HOL)

The HOL eco-system is made of eSports platforms (eSports Tv, eSports Reality show, eSports Content House, and The HOL App), the decentralized marketplace, NFTs, and other art and entertainment plugins/opportunities. All content on the HOL platform will be created by all types of creators (still, video, animation, etc.). HOL launched the first tokenized eSports content house drawing in the brands, partners, players, and viewers to create innovative and diverse esports communities.

Our Projects

eSports Content House & Arena

The eSports content house strives to become a leading esports platform that provides cutting-edge solutions and services in the esports industry, from creating awareness, tournament, content and shows, merchandising and lifestyle.

MIREP Affordable housing units

Our Most innovative an rewarding real estate project (MIREP) is designed to enable affordable housing finance ecosystem by deploying real estate to create and run new digital economies with low-cost eco-friendly housing structures, improved means of livelihood, and economic opportunities on the blockchain.

MIREP will not only create new jobs and stimulate the evolution of new economies but is intentional in creating new digital ecosystems that favor collaboration over competition, integration over isolation, and experience over exclusion

What is lambatoken?
Real Estate

Our Real Estate Ecosystem

Real Estate as an economic driver.


The importance of homeownership to long term financial health cannot be understated.The Most Innovative and Rewarding Estate Project #MIREP was initiated out of the need to create new industries and to give all income earners the opportunity to own luxurious but affordable home.

Our building projects are tokenized allowing long-term mortgage policies and flexible payments, About 80% of our holdings will be invested in strategic real estate which we believe is one of the key infrastructures needed for the establishment and growth of new ecosystems.

Our App


Powered By House of Lambabros

Cool features
  • Seamless transaction for content creators and others globally.
  • Earn more LambaTokens as you participate in our passive income activities.
  • LambaToken Wallet, Reality show streaming, Live Tournaments, and HOL Staking.


Our ecosystems are fueled by lambatokens We have achieved many milestones since our inception and we have created a solid foundation to build upon. Our ecosystems are continuously evolving and so are we. Take a look at our roadmap to find out more.

II Quarter of 2017
Introduction into the blockchain industry (research, education, investment, and portfolio management).
I Quarter of 2018
Introduction into the real estate industry (consulting with real estate industry experts, research, improving industry concept, analyzing the market, observing challenges in the industry).
II Quarter of 2018
Developing marketing plan, building contacts in the real estate industry.
III Quarter of 2018 - IV Quarter 2018
Creating a website and developing a marketing platform, implementing the company's marketing plan, preparing a website landing page, and MVP of the platform.
I Quarter of 2019 - II Quarter of 2019
The beginning of property tokenization based on experience from the real estate market and knowledge of financial markets; preparing the agenda of activities with the division of roles, with the whitepaper preparation.
II Quarter of 2020 - III Quarter of 2020
Registration and collection processes of all legal documents needed for the project. Analysis of possible business ventures under the umbrella of Lambabros Entertainment Arm - House of Lambabros -HOL.
IV Quarter of 2020
Token Stakeholders pre-sale preparations, Implementing marketing plans. Stakeholders Sales for First Tokenized Studio & Content House
I Quarter of 2021 - II Quarter of 2021
eSports tournament starts with lambatoken HOL staking where fans share from the prize pool even without gaming. Purchase of our first tokenized arena house. Token and smart contract deployment, website's safety and token's flow tests, platform's functionality test, coding new functionalities on the marketing platform.
III Quarter of 2021 - IV Quarter of 2021
MIREP eSports Arena house set-up for content creation, Real Estate NFT Marketplace exploration, and HOL App development start.
II Quarter 2022
The HOL APP launch, LambaToken public launch and Pre-sale, eSports arena house studio opening Live Now
III Quarter 2022 - IV Quarter 2022
Listing tokens for trades, implementing a post-trade marketing campaign. The first reality show, LambaToken starts trading on exchanges, listing the token on new markets. Enhancing marketing activities, continuous development of all platforms/App. Affordable housing Kickstarts.
IV Quarter 2022
Transition & Implementation of fully decentralized ecosystems.
Start-up several estate projects in phases and in more countries, expanding on the existing products, listing on the largest digital asset markets.


Our digital asset LambaToken is creating affordable housing solutions, decentralized marketplace & new digital economies on the blockchain.

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Driving new economies starting from Real Estate, Interactive Esports, Decentralized Marketplace, Lifestyle & Entertainment all on the blockchain.

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